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Since 2007, Flexlists has been redefining how you organize, manage, and share data. Our latest update brings a sleek interface and exciting new features, making data handling more intuitive than ever. Whether you’re a professional or just getting started, Flexlists offers the perfect blend of simplicity and power for your data management needs.

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Mobile Version

All of you wanted a version that works well on mobile platforms; we listened, and here it is! All the functionality you expect in a compact and easy-to-use package.

We help you simplify your workflow.


More list options

Exact and free filtering, sorting, and organizing like never before! The new FlexLists features all the functionalities needed to run all your information streams.

We help you simplify your workflow.


More fields, more freedom

Step into the world of Flexlists, where organizing your data is not just easy but tailored to your specific needs. Our platform offers a diverse range of field types, each designed to capture and organize your data with precision. From standard text fields to advanced options for dates, numbers, and more, Flexlists ensures that every piece of information is perfectly placed. We're constantly expanding our capabilities, adding new field types to give you even more power to customize and refine your data. With these tools at your fingertips, you can craft a database that's as detailed and nuanced as your requirements demand. The more detailed your data, the more it works for you, turning information into actionable insights and streamlined workflows. Embrace the power of detailed data organization with Flexlists and watch as your content transforms into a valuable asset.

We help you simplify your workflow.

Notable Features

Both free and parametric search

Search and organise your data using text or visual tools

Any file format

Store files in any format. Images, videos, documents, PDFs, and more

Pick your Region

Pick your preferred region(s) to host your data

User voice

We listen to our users: you provide the new features for our roadmap

Free and paid versions

The perfect fit for users and companies of any size

Ongoing development

FlexLists is being developed by a team of enthusiastic professionals with great plans for the future

Fully multilingual

We do not all speak the same language so we translate not only the outside but also the inside


Since our launch 16 years ago, we have been obsessed by site performance; we still are

Discover the Power of Views in Flexlists: Visualize Your Data Like Never Before

In Flexlists, we believe how you view your data can transform how you interact with it. That's why we've introduced the concept of Views – diverse and dynamic representations of your data that cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer visual layouts, filtered perspectives, ordered lists, or a mix of these elements, Views in Flexlists allow you to see your data your way.

List View

Your trusted List view, with many new options

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